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College Success with Counseling 


The Bad

According to a 2018 report from the American College Health Association, more than 60% of young adults suffer from ‘overwhelming anxiety’. Young adults today are dealing with higher stress than previous generations due to social media pressures, rapid alert of crises, higher academic requirements, tougher career prospects, financial and environmental concerns. Mental health disorder is the leading cause of stopping or dropping out of college.

Young adults are increasingly more open to discuss their mental health conditions. Therefore, they have higher expectations from colleges to provide support. Campus counseling centers are trying to step up efforts to meet the greater needs. However, nationwide, students are waiting up to seven days for their first appointment with a counselor.*  The wait can be more than two months at some colleges.

*Association for University and College Counseling, 2017

The Better

CTC is here to help!  Your students can register for FREE  to search for expert therapists near their campus. They can establish a connection before becoming too overwhelmed.  Empower your young adult to take charge of their emotional well-being. 

Our experienced, licensed therapists can provide valuable support for a healthy college journey. Invest in their Wellness!



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