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Set Yourself Apart

The CTC is created by a fellow therapist with 25 years experience in counseling young adults. This sets the CTC apart in understanding the unique therapist and client connection, versus a business transaction.

Our vision is to be the premier referral service of quality therapists for young adults.  We want experts who are relational and informed on issues affecting college students. 

We have contacted college campuses, parent groups and mental health foundations to spread the CTC mission. BUT, we need you to add your profile. We welcome referrals from your area, graduate schools, professional organizations etc. who qualify with our vision. Please share with them our website and Facebook page, Click Here.  Be a CTC ambassador if you have network opportunities and connections with college students and campuses.

Currently, your membership is FREE as we work towards expanding nationwide.  Upon reaching maximum membership and growing connections with students, there will be a monthly subscription fee determined by the CTC. 

The CTC will be a limited membership.

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Membership Benefits

  • You are the ‘go to’ source for college students at their campus 
  • You become a specialist in a niche market that is therapist and client-centered
  • Network opportunities with like-minded therapists
  • Expert badge (upon subscription) to add to your website, social media
  • Free marketing for you as we continue SEO/PR/ Marketing campaigns
  • Free access to CTC directory of therapists

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