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During the college journey, there will naturally be times of stress and anxiety.  Without adequate support, mental health struggles can hijack performance and well-being.  Finding the right therapist can be a time-consuming and strenuous process.

The College Therapist Collective is a non-profit, created by a therapist with 25 years of experience, to help college students easily find mental health experts near campus.  Students register for Free to confidentially search for a therapist.  Our network of fully licensed therapists currently serves over 300 campuses.  We specialize in treating issues typical to young adults, such as relationships, addiction, sexual identity, debt and career concerns.

Our mission is to provide community-based, quality one-on-one counseling.  Campus counseling and advising centers* are turning to the CTC to provide preventative, emotional care for students.  We encourage students to be proactive about their mental wellness, in order to thrive and accomplish their goals.

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*91% of college centers report a rising trend in college students’ mental health needs, 39% of the college population struggle with mental illnesss Source: Healthline, September 2018

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